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Is Christianity Under Attack? (pt. 2)

  Tower Chimes – February 2024 According to some, we in the United States are at war with ourselves. It’s not a war fought with bullets and bombs but, rather, with words, policies, laws, boycotts, and protests. It’s being fought using social media, courtrooms, legislation, preaching, writing, and media commentating. It’s happening on legislative floors and at school board meetings. Heck, the fight has even been taken to our school and community libraries. What am I talking about? I’m talking…

God, Increase My Desire for You….

  In my January 7 sermon, entitled “Are We There Yet?” I encouraged everyone to take personal responsibility for their spiritual maturity. I offered this prayer as a starting place–a prayer asking God to increase one’s desire to know him more and better. God, give me the desire to grow. Stir my heart and make me aware of an increasing yearning within to grow in my discipleship…to know more about you, but more importantly, to know you more. Increase my…

Is Christianity Under Attack?

  Tower Chimes – January 2024 Over the past year, I’ve become aware of a growing belief within the body of Christ that Christianity is under severe attack, and that the survival of…well, I’m not exactly sure but, supposedly, the survival of something having to do with the church, or maybe our beliefs, hangs in the balance. What’s probably closer to the truth is that there’s a fear of losing [worldly] control and power. What finally prompted me to begin to address…


Feb 18: Trust While Tossed

  Feburary 18 – First Sunday of Lent Other sermons in this 2024 Lentent series“Depths of Love” #1: Trust While Tossed (this sermon) #2: I Will Raise it Up #3: Loving the Light #4: Whoever Serves #5: Blessed Is the One (Palm Sunday) Scripture: Mark 1:9-15 A lot of people use the daily devotional Jesus Calling. Each devotion is written using the voice of Jesus, as if it’s Jesus speaking the words on the page to the reader. One of…

Feb 11: The Light is Still Breaking Through

  February 11: Transfiguration Sunday Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 and Mark 9:2-9 Many of you are probably familiar with the story of the Apostle Paul’s conversion, often referred to as his Damascus Road Experience. You can read about it in Acts 9. Here’s the story in a nutshell. As he and some traveling companions are nearing the city of Damascus for the purpose of rounding up and imprisoning as many Christ-followers as they can find, he’s blinded by a bright…

Feb 4: What Is My Ministry?

  February 4: 5th Sunday after Epiphany Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 9:16-23 and Mark 1:29-39 Over the course of life, each of us has far more experiences than we could possibly remember. They probably number in the millions if you include the most mundane experiences, such as washing your hands or turning on the television. Some of them we do so often or are so common that we don’t even realize they’re happening. But there are other occurrences that stick with…

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