Audio Technician

Audio Technician

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 Audio Tech Job Description

Audio Tech Job Description

Responsibility Overview

The Worship Audio Technician is responsible for managing the audio during worship and other events held in the sanctuary which require sound amplification and/or streaming. The audio being managed includes both the sanctuary and the live stream. In addition to running the live audio, the position also includes pre-worship sound level testing, equipment setup and removal, and being present and participating in rehearsals and/or run-throughs as needed.

Necessary Qualities of Worship Audio Tech

  • Must have a general aptitude for digital technology and a desire to learn and grow in the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively fulfill the requirements of the position.
  • Be able to work as a servant under the guidance of the Audio Tech Leader. It works best when persons in this position have a servant’s heart.
  • Be able to work well as part of a team, including other audio techs, the Audio Tech Leader, other worship technicians, and staff.
  • Must be able to trouble-shoot common audio/sound issues which may arise and apply appropriate solutions. (many of these issues are covered in the training)
  • Must be able to multitask
  • With proper training, must be able to effectively manage live audio utilizing our digital soundboard.
  • Pass a hearing test (paid for by the church)
  • Where multiple mics are used for an ensemble, to be able to differentiate between the different musical parts and create a good mix/balance between them.
  • Learn to identify when mic audio levels need adjusting so as to avoid feedback and ringing
  • Participate in training sessions


  1. Sunday Morning Worship
    • Power up the sound system at 8:30 am
    • Set up microphones for persons and ensembles providing musical or verbal leadership during the worship service. All microphones must be set up prior to the start of a run-through so that the technician can test the audio levels during the run-through.
    • Work with the Live Stream tech to test and set audio levels for the house and the live stream for all elements according to the following schedule:
      • 8:45 – musical ensembles, soloists, guest speakers
      • 9:00 – worship videos, DVDs
      • 9:15 – liturgist, clergy
    • Verify audio levels in the house and the live stream for the choir and balcony piano mics
    • Secure all loose cables to the floor using gaffers tape to avoid accidental tripping
    • Simultaneously manage the sanctuary and live stream audio, make on-the-fly adjustments as necessary
    • Run the CD/DVD player as requested
    • Return all edited audio levels to their default starting points according to the guide sheet
    • Delete any ‘scenes’ created for 1-time use
    • At the conclusion of worship:
      • Charge the iPad if necessary
      • Charge the Bose headphones if necessary
      • Make note for Audio Tech Leader of need for more batteries when getting low
      • return all mics and cables to their places of storage
      • Return all music stands and chairs to their proper storage places
      • Close the grand piano if used
      • Return the electric piano to its proper place if used
      • Power down the sound system
  2. Other Events
    • Provide audio leadership as requested or negotiated for events such as wedding rehearsals, wedding ceremonies, holiday concerts, meetings/gatherings held in the sanctuary, etc.
    • Provide audio leadership at non-Sunday worship services (holiday, funerals, etc.)
    • The above situations may necessitate pre-planning with other personnel

Other Information

  • Reporting Relationship: reports to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee for the purposes of job evaluations, pay, etc.; reports to the pastor and/or the Audio Tech Leader in regard to Sunday-to-Sunday job needs
  • Hours: ~2.5 hours for Sunday worship
  • Pay: $11.50/hour

To Apply….

  • Go to our Employment Opportunities page and click the link to the application
  • Complete the application and return it to the church via email