Straw Poll Results

Straw Poll Results

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Results of the Straw Poll

The Church Council met on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, to review the results of the straw poll regarding the question about remaining connected to The United Methodist Church or to disaffiliate and align with a different denomination. The outcome of this straw poll is unofficial and non-binding, but it does reflect the initial desires of our church members who participated. Ballots were cast during each of the two town halls on April 23 and 30 as well as through the church website.

Of the 90 members that voted, 80 voted to remain connected to The United Methodist Church (89%) and 10 voted to disaffiliate (11%). Since the required votes needed to disafffiliate would have to have been 60 (66%), the Church Council received this result as a strong indicator that the majority of our church members prefer to remain connected to The United Methodist Church. Therefore, the Council voted unanimously to not move forward with a special Church Conference vote and to remain with The United Methodist Church.

Thank you for your participation in this important issue facing our denomination. May we remain united in our mission to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.


Bernie Schneider
Chair, Church Council


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