Duckling Realease 2024

Duckling Realease 2024

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Duckling Release – May 9, 2024

Pastor Drew and Bernie Schneider lead 2 Mama ducks and their ducklings out of our two couryards.


  1. David Gladstone

    This is so very special. Our church as the promoter of new life. I could not be more proud.

  2. sheila bland

    Ahhh amazing release guys! Wonder how many will return next year??? Bless you all for taking care of God’s creatures 💗

  3. sheila bland

    Wait! Waddle we do without the ducks?? Deb won’t have any “duck tales” to tell? Hey…did they skip out without paying their BILL? 😆😄😁. God watch over them ALL 💗

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