God, Increase My Desire for You….

God, Increase My Desire for You….

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In my January 7 sermon, entitled “Are We There Yet?” I encouraged everyone to take personal responsibility for their spiritual maturity. I offered this prayer as a starting place–a prayer asking God to increase one’s desire to know him more and better.

God, give me the desire to grow. Stir my heart and make me aware of an increasing yearning within to grow in my discipleship…to know more about you, but more importantly, to know you more. Increase my willingness to put in the effort necessary to better my walk with Jesus. Give me the gumption to do what it takes, even if that means me accepting some amount of leadership in making something happen. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving life to my spirit and enabling me to believe. But I’m ready and willing—Lord, increase my willingness—to take the next step on this pathway that I’m on with you. Trusting that you’ve heard this prayer of mine, and that it’s a prayer you want to answer with a resounding “YES!” I commit myself to remaining aware of opportunities that will come along, and that I’ll not automatically resist them though that’ll probably be my initial response. So, I thank you in advance for what you’re doing in me, and for what you will do through me in the year ahead as I intentionally take responsibility for my spiritual well-being. When we gather for worship, bless us with your holy presence and touch our lives in that hour. However, please don’t allow us to feel satisfied with that minimal time with you. Make us want you more! I love you and praise you, Lord Jesus. Amen.


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