Sermons on Advent

Sermons on Advent

December 18: We See God in Each Other

  Scripture: Luke 1:39-55 Back in 2006, after Caroline and I decided I would begin a leave of absence the following July, we started to do some house-hunting. One townhouse-style condominium we looked at was exactly what we were looking for. After submitting a bid, the realtor informed us that the homeowners had gone with another buyer. Knowing that we liked those particular units, the realtor knew of one that wasn’t on the market yet but would be very soon.…

Nov 27: There’s Room for Every Story

  Scripture: Matthew 1:1-11 Other sermons in this series God Meets Us in Our Fear A Joyful Noel We See God in Each other Genealogical research is a huge business these days. According to one website I looked at, in 2019, people spent about $460 million researching their family histories. MyHeritage, a genealogical site, has recorded about 80 million members performing ancestral testing every month. And that’s only one company among many which offer a similar service. No doubt, many…

December 12: Musical Celebration

  December 12 – 3rd Sunday of Advent This worship service was a musical celebration of the birth of Jesus. Contributing their musical talents were the Chancel Choir, Bells of Praise, Glory Bells, the Methodaires, Jane Gladston, Jackie Prause, Pastor Drew, Kathy Cay, and Steve Grattan. Although there was no sermon per se, Pastor Drew shared a brief ‘meditation’ which can be found around 23:35 on the video and 23:00 on the audio.

December 5: Laying a Foundation

  December 5 – 2nd Sunday of Advent I’m going to show you a brief video, and as you’re watching it, I’d like you to be consciously aware of how it makes you feel. Take a look So, how did the boy’s message leave you feeling? Personally, I found it very uplifting and encouraging. I like how he began his welcome to the newborn by informing him or her that the world is “a pretty cool place.” That there’ll be…