Christina Osterink – Missionary to Hawaii

Christina Osterink – Missionary to Hawaii

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Communications from Christina (latest at the top)

October 26, 2021

Christina is getting ready to move to Hawaii to begin her ministry with college students through Navigators. Read her October 26 update and prayer requests as she prepares for this next adventure in her life.
October 26 update and prayer requests

August 20, 2021

My name is Christiana Osterink. I’m a granddaughter of Sylvia Johnson, a long-time and active member of Port Huron United Methodist Church. After talking with Pastor Drew and Bruce Hurd, the chairperson of your Missions Committee, they encouraged me to share with the congregation a little about myself and how God is calling me to be in ministry.

During college, I became involved with a campus ministry called The Navigators. Having grown up in a United Methodist church, I have always been a Christian. Like many others, I grew tremendously in my faith during college, in large part because of my involvement with The Navigators. As graduation drew near, I discedrned that God was calling me to work for The Navigators as a campus missionary. After considerable prayer and conversation with other Navigator leaders, I am excited to share that I am being called to The Universityy of Hawaii-Manoa campus whwere I will be working full-time as a missionary to students.

An important part of my work will be leading large group meetings, Bible studies, and discipling students in their own faith. Since The Navigators is relatively new on this campus, I will also be working to build up the ministry and staff. Another aspect of the job will be finding ways to be a bridge to the large Hawaiian community.

If what God is calling me to sounds intriguing to you, I would love to invite you to partner dirctly with me to help support me. Navigator missionaries are responsible for securing 100% of their own funding, which is why I am trying to connect with individual persons and local churches. Through the years, Port Huron First UMC has has invested in my family in countless ways. My mother grew up in this church and has imparted the importance of serving others and investing in them as you have in her. On account of this connection between Port Huron First UMC and my family, I wanted to reach out to you.

The spiritual climate in Hawaii is grim, and the college campus is no exception. I am honored that God has called me to go and make disciples in Hawaii and invest in others just as you have invested in my family. I am looking for prayer and financial partners for this ministry.

Would you pray about supporting me over the next 2 years? If God leads you to give, you can give online at

If you have any questions or want to talk about this with me in person, please send me an [email linktext=”email”][/email] and include your phone number and I’ll call you.

Thank you in advance. You are loved!