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Have a Question About Prayer?

  ‘Prayer’ Questions for Pastor Drew Pastor Drew is planning a 4-week sermon on on prayer from June 9-30. As a subject matter, prayer is pretty broad. Obviously, it is not possible to cover every aspect of prayer in four messages. For this series, his focus is going to be on the significance of being a praying church. Also, prayer is something about which most of us have a lot of questions. So, while he can’t guarentee he will address…

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Wesley Covenant Renewal

  PROCLAMATION Dearly loved brothers and sisters, the Christian life is a life found in Christ, redeemed from sin, and made holy and blessed by God. We are those who have entered into this life and have been admitted into the new covenant of Jesus Christ. He is the Mediator of this covenant. He sealed it with his own blood so it would last forever. On one side of this covenant stands God. God promises to give us new life…