This Sunday’s Worship Bulletin

  Please click the desired bulletin link. Bulletins will be available for viewing and/or downloading by noon on the Friday before Sunday. Bulletins will stay on this page for four weeks.


  Below are links to individual sermons beginning with the most recent. Previous sermons and various messages (eg. Ash Wednesday video meditation) can be found on the Previous Sermon, Series, and Messages page, where they’re listed by series.

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Click the above image to go to our Facebook page for our livestreamed worship every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. View or download this week’s worship bulletin. Listen to the worship service on WPHM radio,

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  If you would like to listen to our worship service on the radio, clicking the button below will take you to the “What’s Playing Now” page of the WPHM (am) radio station. The worship service begins at 9:30.

Previous Sermons, Series, & Messages

    This page lists sermons according to their various series as well as non-series sermons and messages (eg. video meditations). Sermons listed by date can be found at the Sermons page. NOTE: this page is being slowly populated as older sermon series pages are created.