Previous Sermons, Series, & Messages

Previous Sermons, Series, & Messages

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This page lists sermons according to their various series as well as non-series sermons and messages (eg. video meditations). Sermons listed by date can be found at the Sermons page. NOTE: this page is being slowly populated as older sermon series pages are created.

Lent 2023 Sermon Series

  Sermon Series: “The Seven Last Words of Christ” During Lent, Pastor Drew will be preaching a 6-part sermon series based on the seven last words of Christ, a reference to the final utterances of Jesus from the cross as recorded by the Gospel writers. It is particularly important to listen to these “words” during Lent because Jesus calls on us to go on the same journey that led him to Golgotha. According to Mark, he made that call graphically,…

Sermon Series: What Is a Disciple?

  What Is a Disciple? The answer to the above question is both simple and complex. In this this sermon series, Pastor Drew presents a defintion of a Disciple of Jesus Christ based on the book “Membership to Discipleship” by Phil Maynard. Week 1 is an overview of the definition; in weeks 2-4 Pastor Drew goes into more detail on each of the three parts of the following definition: A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ who is committed…

Sermon Series: Baptism: God’s Action and Our Response

  Baptism: God’s Action and Our Response We often think of baptism as something we do. It’s my sign of that I’ve professed faith in Jesus Christ. While it is true that baptism is a response we make when we come to faith in Christ, is there more to it than just us making a statement of faith? The answer is YES! God has a vital role in baptism. Baptism has two sides: what God does and what we do.…