September Sermon Series

September Sermon Series

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Worship: the Heart of the Matter

During the month of September, Pastor Drew will be preaching a 4-week sermon series entitled, “Worship: The Heart of the Matter.”

No doubt, many of us are very familiar with the experience we call worship. After all, a lot of do it every week, right? But how many of us can reasonably define “worship”? (Go ahead, give it try. It’s a lot more challenging that we’d think.) So, while worship is something that we regularly do—at least, on Sunday mornings—there is a lot about worship we’ve probably given much thought to.

Because worship is such an important part of our lives, this series will address many of the basic questions related to worship, such as…

  • What exactly is worship?
  • Why do we worship?
  • Who is worship for?
  • Who is the audience of a worship service?
  • What is worship supposed to accomplish?
  • What’s the difference between communal worship and private worship?
  • Are we required to worship?
  • What does God expect of us/me when I worship?
  • What makes for “good” and “bad” worship?


September 5

Scriptures: Psalm 42 & Mark 12:28-31
Sermon Title: "Rethinking the Priority of Worship"
Theme: The place and purpose of worship
Main Point: Worshiping God is the HIGHEST priority in life for the Christian

September 12

Scriptures: Psalm 63:1-8 & Romans 12:1-2
Sermon Title: "Worship You Don't Have to Go To"
Theme: Personal worship
Main Point: Developing a personal "worship lifestyle" is the key to growing in faith and practice

September 19

Scriptures: Hebrews 10:19-25; Acts 2:42-47; Psalm 68:24-27
Sermon Title: "When All of God's People Get Together"
Theme: Corporate worship
Main Point: Community worship is for everyone, and its main purpose is to inspire faith and trust in God

September 26

Scriptures: Isaiah 29:13; John 4:19-26; Philippians 4:4-9
Sermon Title: "It's What We Bring to Worship That Matters"
Theme: True, God-honoring worship
Main Point: Our "hearts," more than our words, are what makes worship acceptable to God