July 17 Worship Bulletin

July 17 Worship Bulletin

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Who’s up for a summer journey? Isn’t that what many do in this season? We pack our things and our families, jump in the car, and we head off. For July and August, our summer worship will be a journey of exploration and learning and ultimately a journey to discover what’s at the heart of our faith. This journey will consist of 5 side-trips, each defined by our traveling companions, who will guide us on this journey of discovery. These companions are called prophets, and they have a propensity to take us to the edge, even when we don’t really want to go. Thus, the title of our series is “Prophet Margins.” Today, the prophet Amos will be our traveling companion and guide for a second week. Today’s theme is honesty/truth/integrity. The main point is that as God’s people, we are called to the difficult task of speaking truth to power, especially when injustice is the ‘order of the day.’

Welcome & Announcements

Prelude – “Make Me a Servant” – By Kelly Willard

*Call to Worship

  • L: Prophets, what do you see?
  • P: We see the many ways we distract ourselves.
  • L: What else do you see?
  • P: We see the good and the bad fruits we have produced.
  • L: And what else do you see?
  • P: We witness and worship God today, grateful for love and forgiveness.

*Opening Song – “Holy Ground” – FWS #2272 (2x)

We are standing on holy ground,
And I know that there are angels
All around;
Let us praise Jesus now;
We are standing in his presence
On holy ground.

*Prayer of Confession

  • L: God of justice, we confess to you today that we often find ourselves feeling bitter, distraught, and ashamed.
  • P: We far too often fail to take accountability for our sins and wrongdoings.
  • L: In an effort to feel better about ourselves, we overfill our plates with tasks, hoping to atone for our misdeeds.
  • Pulpit side: We confess that we have trampled on the needy, choosing greed.
  • Lectern side: We confess that we have brought ruin to the poor of the land, neglecting many parts of your creation.
  • L: We confess that we have practiced deceit, fearful of being exposed.
  • P: We confess that far too often, we choose busy-ness over the gift of your loving presence.
  • Women: We lament our mistakes to you, O God.
  • Men: We mourn the harm we have caused knowingly and unknowingly, individually and collectively.
  • L: We ask your forgiveness to envelop us, inspiring us to make amends with ourselves and others.
  • P: Open our eyes that we may see the lessons you place before us. Help us better love you by loving your creation.
  • Pastor: Once we were slaves to sin, living lives that led only to death. But thanks be to God! In his mercy, he has set us free from the power of sin and death, and has offered us eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord! Now we are free to choose life, and to use our lives to bring honor and glory to God!
  • P: Thanks be to God!

*Musical Response – “Make Me a Servant” – FWS #2176

Make me a servant, humble and meek,
Lord, let me lift up those who are weak.
And may the prayer of my heart always be:
Make me a servant, make me a servant
Make me a servant today.

Time with the Children

Special Music – “He Who Began a Good Work in You” – By John Mohr

Scripture Reading – Psalm 52

Invitation to Give & Prayer of Dedication

Musical Response of Praise – refrain of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” – UMH #140

Great is thy faithfulness! Great is thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
all I have needed thy hand hath provided;
great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Scripture Reading – Amos 8:1-12

1This is what the LORD God showed me: a basket of summer fruit. 2He said,
“Amos, what do you see?”

I said, “A basket of summer fruit.”

Then the LORD said to me,

    “The end has come upon my people Israel;
        I will never again forgive them.
3On that day, the people will wail the temple songs,”
        says the LORD God;
    “there will be many corpses,
    thrown about everywhere.
4Hear this, you who trample on the needy and destroy
        the poor of the land, 5saying,
    “When will the new moon
        be over so that we may sell grain,
        and the Sabbath
        so that we may offer wheat for sale,
        make the ephah smaller, enlarge the shekel,
        and deceive with false balances,
6 in order to buy the needy for silver
        and the helpless for sandals,
        and sell garbage as grain?”
7 The LORD has sworn by the pride of Jacob:
        Surely I will never forget what they have done.
8 Will not the land tremble on this account,
        and all who live in it mourn,
    as it rises and overflows like the Nile,
        and then falls again, like the River of Egypt?
9 On that day, says the LORD God,
        I will make the sun go down at noon,
        and I will darken the earth in broad daylight.
10 I will turn your feasts into sad affairs
        and all your singing into a funeral song;
    I will make people wear mourning clothes
        and shave their heads;
    I will make it like the loss of an only child,
        and the end of it like a bitter day.
11 The days are surely coming, says the LORD God,
        when I will send hunger and thirst on the land;
    neither a hunger for bread, nor a thirst for water,
        but of hearing the LORD ’s words.
12 They will wander from sea to sea,
        and from north to east;
    they will roam all around, seeking the LORD’s word,
        but they won’t find it.

  • L: The word of God; the word of Life.
  • P: Thanks be to God.

Sermon – “Living in a Bitter Day”

*Hymn – “What Does the Lord Require” – UMH #441

  1. What does the Lord require for praise and offering?
    What sacrifice, desire or tribute did you bring?
    Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.
  2. Rulers of earth, give ear! Should you not justice know?
    Will God your pleading hear while crime and cruelty grow?
    Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.
  3. All who gain wealth by trade, for whom the worker toils,
    Think not to win God’s aid, if greed your commerce soils.
    Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.
  4. How shall our life fulfill God’s law so hard and high?
    Let Christ endue our will with grace to fortify.
    Then justly, in mercy, we’ll humbly walk with God.

Special Music – “Forever is a Long, Long Time” – By Gordon Jensen

*Closing Hymn – “Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee” – UMH #562

  1. Jesus, Lord, we look to thee;
    let us in thy name agree;
    show thyself the Prince of Peace,
    bid our strife forever cease.
  2. By thy reconciling love
    every stumbling block remove;
    each to each unite, endear;
    come, and spread thy banner here.
  3. Make us of one heart and mind,
    gentle, courteous, and kind,
    lowly, meek, in thought and word,
    altogether like our Lord.
  4. Let us for each other care,
    each the other’s burdens bear;
    to thy church the pattern give,
    show how true believers live.
  5. Free from anger and from pride,
    let us thus in God abide;
    all the depths of love express,
    all the heights of holiness.
  6. Let us then with joy remove
    to the family above;
    on the wings of angels fly,
    show how true believers die.


*Postlude – “Make Me a Servant” – By Kelly Willard

Helping Lead Today’s Worship

  • Liturgist: Rev. Chuck Jacobs
  • Organ/Piano: Kathy Cay
  • Rev. Elisabeth Danielsons, Deacon
  • Rev. Drew Hart